It leaves you speechless. Then, turns you into a storyteller.

It has been a while since I wrote anything here. I have been busy with my work, I always be among the last to leave the office. A vacation sounds fun, but so much work piles up at the office. And I do not have travel fund for this year anymore. But, I managed to escape in between weekends for a foodie trip. Let's see my post during my weekend getaway.

Travel is an escape

Please take me somewhere...

I am kinda stressed now with my work. And there are few things on my mind. I hate uncertainties. So this kind of things really put me down a bit. When you have no motivation to do things, you will always easily get distracted. And I hate my current situation that I am not focused, not a goal-driven person and I keep overthinking with lots of WHAT-IFs.

I am trying to keep myself back on track, to get my job done, being a resourceful engineer and to gear up my skills. I don't know about others, but as for me -- a vacation is a golden opportunity for you to relax, taking one step back and seeing what have you done, where are you now and what it takes to reach your objective. Everyone has problems. It could be your stressful job as you have no idea how to move forward, to figure out if you need something vibrant in your uninteresting life, a guide to soul-searching for a meaningful life and blah blah blah. It doesn't matter what troubles are you in. It always applicable to every aspect of your life. A new place will give you a new perspective and ideas. You will not be looking at things the same way as before. Traveling gives me space to boost my happiness; at the same time excites my heart. I never allow myself to stuck in a miserable situation for too long, I just need to pack my bag and go!

This is from one article I read:

"Travel improves your brain health. ... This is all good for your health because new experiences increase cognitive flexibility, keeping your mind sharp. Studies have shown a connection between travel and an increase in creativity, a deeper sense of cultural awareness and personal growth."

Nov 26, 2015

I should plan a weekend getaway somewhere. Indeed, a sweet escape from all the stressful environments does help me to stay positive and increase my productivity. I definitely perform better when my mind sees and think clearer.

This photo was taken at Bako National Park, Sarawak in my country Malaysia. I am certain travelers around the world have major interest in hiking, jungle trekking at national park. This was in 2017, during our company team building. It was an impromptu trip because we did not plan before hand to go jungle trekking. I wore jeans and wedges, I know it was a perfectly unacceptable attire but who cares. I truly enjoyed the trekking moment. To adventurous soul out there, go visit Bako National Park.


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