day one always be the difficult one. lost in sapporo and we skipped major attractions

4 July 2018

Konichiwa, Hokkaido.

We arrived at New Chitose airport at 8:30 in the morning. It was very cold and foggy. Please note that sunrise in Sapporo is about 4:00 am. It's summer now in Hokkaido, the day is longer than night.

Apparently, more Malaysians are going to Hokkaido nowadays. We met a group of girls, they planned for a self-drive trip. Wow, that's pretty cool because me myself is not up to challenge to drive in Japan. Maybe I thought

why bother driving around if you have the option to commute using efficient transportation system.

We planned to take a bus to the city. According to our hostel, taking a bus is the easiest way. We were a bit clueless to find the bus platform, the signage was confusing. So we asked for a direction, luckily the airport staff can speak basic English. Then, we bought bus tickets from the machine, hope that we bought the right tickets. Yes, we were right this time. *happy*

Then, the challenging episodes began. We were totally lost finding our hostel, it's difficult to ask local people because they didn't speak English and they did not understand. But, they really wanted to help us, I could sense the sincerity. We went back and forth locating the hostel, based on the guide map from the hostel itself. There's no way we possibly could find the hostel. Rozita was willing to subscribe roaming to solve our problem. Even with INTERNET and GPS, we're still stuck at the street almost 40 minutes, till we met one Japanese guy. We showed him the address, he tried very hard to explain but honestly, we did not get it because he explained in Japanese. Finally, he asked us to follow him. He walked us to the hostel. Okay, it's quite far from the bus stop and we found the directions a bit inaccurate. Frankly speaking, the location of the hostel is not strategic at all. Why did we choose this hostel? Grrr..

First thing when we stepped in the hostel, Rozita complained about the direction they had given us. I guess the reception guy did not notice that Rozita was complaining about them. Hahaha. He just showed his poker face. But he's cute though :p

We left our bags and started our day in Sapporo at 2:00 pm. We were running late, because we were supposed to sightseeing at 12:30 pm. The nearest subway station is 10 minutes away. That's far! I started to feel angry again and fully regretted the decision for staying at Waya Guesthouse just to save some money.

The first destination was Odori Park. It's easy to get here since most of the subway lines stop here. The temperature was mild, a pleasant day to take a walk. Then, we walked to Susukino to find halal ramen. After eating ramen, we went to Hokkaido Government Building after few times misleading directions from Waze *cry*

The architecture of this former government office is truly inspired by the Western countries. People might think that I was in the UK by looking at the photos. We have seen the government officers passed by around this area. I kinda like seeing them walking fast as if they are always in hurry mode. Even old people walk FAST!

As expected, we didn't make it to Hokkaido University Botanical Garden, it was closed already because we arrived there about 5:30 pm. I am sure the garden must be very beautiful. We then took a tram to go to Mount Moiwa to witness Sapporo city from top. It's almost 7:00 pm. The weather was very cold. And we were hit by another unfortunate event.The fog was thick, we couldn't see anything even we pay for the cable car to the summit. What a day??

We headed back to the hostel, exhausted in frustration. Hoping that tomorrow will bring us more luck and able to stick to our travel itinerary since today we have missed Hokkaido Cultural Village, Hokkaido University Botanical Garden, and Mount Moiwa.

Expenses Day 1:

1. Bus from Airport to Waya Guesthouse: 1,030 yen = RM 38

2. IC Sapica Transportation Card: 2,000 yen (includes deposit 500 yen) = RM74

3. Ramen at Susukino: 1,1030 yen = RM 42

4. Coffee and Snacks from mart: 530 yen = RM 19.50

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