fourth day: a floral affair

day 4: 7july 2018

We started a brand new day with a hope may the sun shines happily and looking forward to seeing Lavender field. We had a good breakfast then checked the train timetable to Farm Tomita. During summer, there is a special train called Norokko train which stops at Lavender Farm Station, is the nearest station to Farm Tomita. However, the trip is not frequent, probably once in every 2-3 hours. The next train will be at 12 pm, we need to catch this train or else we need to take other trains that will not stop at Lavender Station. If so, we have to walk about 20 minutes to Farm Tomita. We managed to catch the Norokko train and arrived at Farm Tomita around 12:40 pm.

There is no entrance fee, you can enjoy your time here all day long. It's weekend, hence huge crowd is expected; most visitors were local and Asian. I was very excited to see the purple flowers, it was a dream came true. The lavender smelled very nice. There are different types of Lavender planted in Farm Tomita such as English Lavender, French Lavender with different fragrances. To be honest, the lavender was not in full bloom. There were few spots which are still budding and growing. We're a bit upset that the colorful flower carpets was not in place. According to their staff, the colorful flowers take about another two or 3 weeks to bloom. So, the current highlight of our visit was limited to lavender and other small flowers like marigold. It's actually cold during our visit. The temperature was about 12 degrees to 17 degrees. It's summer, so it's kinda odd to experience that kind of coldness, maybe that's also one of a reason for the late-blooming.

We tried melon lavender ice cream, yums! Then, we bought some souvenirs as they sell a variety of lavender-based products such as soap, aromatheraphy oil, hand cream and many more. They also sell fresh lavender, unfortunately, we are not allowed to take them home. No plants can be brought on the plane. Just to share info, Farm Tomita provides a prayer room at one of their souvenir shops. I'm glad that Hokkaido is becoming more and more Muslim friendly. We had lunch at the cafe, I have ordered Potato Croquette and their specialty baked Potato. Rozita and Yus have tried Lavender coffee, as we have been wondering how it tastes like. But, nothing special about the coffee, it tastes like a regular black coffee with a little bit of Lavender fragrance, almost bland Lavender flavor. Or maybe, Lavender and coffee are not meant to be together.​

We spent almost the entire day here. The farm is huge. We even walked uphill to see Poppy, but the poppy was not merry. It's quite tiring exploring Farm Tomita, but there always a corner for a photography shot. At times, we need to compete with other visitors to get a great shot at the famous spot. I still remember how the Korean girls cut the queue to take photos at the full bloom Lavender field and they took multi shots continuously without considering there were people was queuing at the back. We couldn't help but to giving them an annoyed facial expression. Haha. We then realized that we also took our own sweet time to make sure we got outstanding photos with the Lavender.

Most of the visitors have left by 3 pm. Only then we enjoyed strolling around freely and had taken a lot of photos as we wish. We're among the last to leave. It was 6 pm already, we knew that we have to walk to Kamifurano Station which is 20 minutes away. Overall, it's a happy journey because this time we have managed to find our way back without doubt.

We reached Furano Station almost 7 pm. We stopped at Lawson bought some snacks and bread. We took a taxi to Lawson, after a few failed attempts finding the store. We met an uncle who was so friendly. I didn't know how he had an idea and came with a thought that we are from Sri Lanka. And he seemed so interested with a brooch that Yus has worn. He asked us a few questions but of course, we didn't make a great conversation. But we laughed together. LOL!

It's funny when people made a guess of where we are coming from. When we were at Odori Park, a group of Korean visitors thought we're from Saudi Arabia then an uncle from Taiwan thought us from India. *rolling eyes*

But one aunt we met at Furano has guessed it right, "You from Malaysia?"

Yes, you're the only one who recognizes Malaysian girls auntie. *clap clap*

That's all for today. We're feeling joyous and cheerful, maybe that's the effect of Lavender fragrance to soothe our mood and helped us to sleep better tonight.

Expenses day 4:
1. Melon Lavender Ice cream:300 yen = RM 11

2. Lunch at Farm Tomita: 810 yen = RM 30

3. Souvenirs Lavender Soap: 1,030 yen = RM 38

4. Melon: 500 yen = RM 18

5. Snacks from Lawson: RM 53

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