fifth day: cycling in biei .. goodbye furano

8 july 2018

Last day in Furano.
We need to manage our time properly as we have to catch a train from Furano by 4 pm. We have confirmed with our guesthouse that he/she will wait at the airport to pick us up because the guesthouse is not accessible by public transport.

So.... we checked out early from Tomar Hostel and rushed to Biei. Biei is a quiet town but has its own charm. We decided to explore around by bike. This is the most we can do as we're tight with time. At least we can enjoy

the city at our own pace and cycling allows us to move faster. I had opted for an electric bike, the rental is 600 per hour. Meanwhile Yus and Rozita had chosen a manual bike at 200 yen per hour.

We asked the local and she recommended us to go to hokusei-no-oka observatory park. She handed out the map to us and off we go.. CONFIDENTLY! My bike made my life much easier, I was cycling faster than my friends obviously. What we didn't know is the road is steep. I have no issues because my bike is designed to ride in a different mode of roads but my friends had the difficult time to continue biking uphill. They expressed

the feeling of regrets not getting the electric bike. We didn't mind to stop for a while because the panoramic road offers a breathtaking scenery. Greeneries are everywhere, soothing your eyes and mind.

Today's weather was sunny and warm. After a few pit-stops, the road became easy. We

continued cycling to Ken & Mary. I was looking for mineral water, but they

do not sell water. They are known for soft ice cream. This is a nice

place to hang out, they have a terrace overlooking the picturesque maze of

fields. A combination of green fields and blue skies is totally spectacular

giving me a serenity.

We then went straight to hokusei-no-oka observatory park. It has a pyramid

structure offers a great view for visitors. The visitors can walk to a

nearby garden if they wish. We stopped by just to look around, but ended up

bought a handmade necklace made from a glass by a local artist. It's really

beautiful and is well worth your money.

I keep looking at my watch, it's time to cycling back to Biei town. Overall, we really had a great time today, 2 hours 30 minutes by bike. To me, cycling in Biei is a fun thing to do. And it's super easy, I said easy because we did not lose direction and everything was so smooth! But I highly recommend for you to rent an electric bike to make your life easier.

We then took a train back to Furano. We did some last minute shopping at Furano since shops at Biei does not sell much for souvenirs. We collected our luggage from the hostel and came back to Furano station. For the first

time, we did a good job for timekeeping. HAHAHA.. We learned from the past days, we cannot afford to miss train from Furano.

We arrived in Sapporo around 7 pm. Then we took JR Rapid Airport train to New Chitose Airport. Everything was all right, we then arrived at the Yurin Guesthouse around 9 pm. We freshen up and had dinner, made a good

conversation with local who also stayed at the guesthouse. He has been in Malaysia a few times before and he seemed familiar with Malaysian foods. It's a nice gesture that Yus was willing to share her food with the guy as we were discussing about Malaysian foods with him.

I was too tired, I had done my packing and I dozed off early! So let's call it a night. Need to wake up at 5 am tomorrow and rush to the airport at 6 am.

Travel Expenses day 5:
1. Bike rental 2.5 hours: 1,500 yen = RM 55
2. Hand made necklace: 2,000 yen = RM 74
3. Souvenirs: 1,800 yen = RM 66

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