5 JANUARY 2018

I need to lose weight! But I enjoy food so much, and of course desserts too. Why can't I maintain my weight without dieting? There are people who eat more than I am, not doing exercise and still manage not putting on weight. How lucky! But, let's be positive and try putting my situation to other plus-size people. Perhaps, they have been more struggling than me to lose kilos and inches. They might envy me for being a medium-size girl. I said, maybe... Personally, I think curvy girls are pretty. But we have been influenced by the magazines and fashion industry that illustrates skinny girl with fair skin as the ideal girl. Nevertheless, I believe that everyone has their preferences. "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

Last year, I did exercise regularly in the first quarter of 2017. I enjoy playing badminton, Zumba and dance workout especially Latin music. I think I was in good shape, fit and more productive that time. Then I slowly stopped due to job commitment (need to find excuses for not doing physical activities hihi), that's when I felt heavier and lazier. People noticed that I put on weight, saying that I should start workout again. I hate criticism, especially criticism on appearance. I believe, most women hate it when people asking about age, weight, why do they look old, not fashionable enough bla bla bla... So I realized that I need to do something for my life (...dramatic background music...)

So this year I need to start again. I wanna do something fun, quick and effective. Then I learn about High Intensity Interval Training (HIT). According to PopSugar, HIIT is number 1 choice of workout training, so move aside yoga and cardio... I am truly inspired of HIIT video by Emi Wong from StayFitandTravel. You can check out her videos on YouTube. My favourite is 10 minutes HIIT training comprises of 10 steps of exercises. Each step takes 45 seconds with 15 seconds rest. Well, 45 seconds sounds easy-peasy right? But wait till you really be doing it. I was feel like giving up when I first followed her video especially when I did burpees. It was really a 10-minute of torture session. You need to do it like everyday so that you can cope with the routines. It is fun to do HIIT with your friends and loved ones. Just allocate 10 minutes of your day, and do this. It's even better if you are able to repeat the routines for three times; total workout time of 30 minutes for more effective weight loss.

Let's do it people!



Intan R.

Image Source: fitnesstogether.com

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